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ut of poverty, roughly 10 million▓ each year. The country's poverty li▓ne is 2,300 yuan in annual income.AGRITAINMENT AN▓D INDUSTRIES CUT POVERTYXi has visit▓ed a number of villages and counties since 2012, repeatedly stressing the impor▓tance of poverty reduction and creating policy to address the issue.Liang Qiang, 26, began sweeping the scattered

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snow from his courtyard at firs▓t light Wednesday. He was expecting a dozen tour▓ists to dine and rest at his lodgings. Liang▓ is in "agritainment," a trend to incorporate▓ entertainment on farms and in rural tourist areas.Li▓ang is a villager in Shaanxi Province's Liangjiahe, whe▓re Xi worked as a rural laborer from 196▓9 to 1975. He started his business in May 2015, just three months after President Xi visited the village.During the tour, Xi▓ said revolutionary bases were the roots o▓f t

he Party and the army, and that they should not be forgotten, as wisdom and power is obtained from history."Without the development of old revolutionary ba▓ses, we will not be able to achieve a moderately prosperous society," Xi said.Liang has 18 big tables and three small o▓nes in his 100-square-meter rural guesthouse.▓ Nearly 200 people can dine under the same roof every day at busy times.He hired six chefs and adjusted the menu to feature local specialties. High▓-speed wifi is also available for customers as they are waiting."Net income will exceed 200,000 yuan this year," s

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aid Liang, who was a miner with a monthly income of ▓about 5,000 yuan three years ago.Liangjiahe is expected to receive over 900,000 visitors this year, br▓inging 13 million yuan in revenue. P▓er capita income will reach 18,000 yuan.Targeted▓ pov

erty alleviation is the household name for a policy that was put forward by President Xi duri▓ng his inspection tour to the central province of Hunan in November 2013.Development is the general method to eliminate poverty, and go

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. I used to live in a clay house and wa▓s not accustomed to my new home when I moved in," Gu said.▓ His new house has four bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen.Since 2013 Gu and his son have been working in construction in the village, earning 20▓0 yuan (29 U.S. dollars) per day. They also rece▓ive 4,000 yuan per year to rent their farmland.Tang Rongbin's house w

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minority village and was labeled "poor" at the time. Shibadong in Chinese m▓eans 18 caves, and there are 18 natural ka▓rst caves in the village. Scarcity of arabl

e land was the biggest obstacle to local villagers hoping to improve their lives."We are poor in resources, but rich in fascinating culture and landscape,"▓ said Gong Haihua, the village head.Inspired by ▓Xi's idea of targeted poverty alleviati▓on, the village committee started supporting industries such as breeding, planting, Miao embroidery and vil▓lage tourism, as well as labor export.In c▓ooperation with a rural cooperative, the village ar▓ranged for over 66.7 hectares

r, up 115 percent from 2013."We really thank gener▓al secretary a lot," said Shi Quanyou, a Shi▓badong resident, who returned home from outside three years ago and opened the first restauran▓t for visitors in the village.China is determined to win the war against poverty, by adopti▓ng various means to

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  • . In 2015 alone, 48 families escaped fr▓om poverty."Poverty reduction cannot simply rely on 'transfusing blood.' We must take ▓advantage of resources and develop ▓industries," s
  • aid Xu Xiangdong, an official from the provincial housing department who was dispatched ▓to the village
  • to help eradicate poverty.It is common for officials to